It's Time For Your Breakthrough!

Scroll down to see what a few of Benecia's clients have to say about working with er.

I Am The Bakthrough Strategist

If you believe God is calling you to a life of greater purpose and prosperity, yet you're not sure what step to take're in the right place! I help smart, savvyy women of faith --just like you-- gain the clarity, confidence, and tools you need to prosper in business and life. Which area do you need help with?

Purpose Strategy Coaching

Is your soul calling you to share your gifts, help others & make the difference you were born to make? As a Certified Pupose Coach, Benecia specializes in helping women of faith unlock and express their unique gifts and engage in work that makes sense to your soul – without sacrificing your faith, family, or yourself.

Business Strategy Coaching & Consulting

It's time to PROSPER in your PURPOSE! Whether you have already launched or need help in figuring out how to make it all happen, Benecia's coaching programs are crafted to meet your specific needs and will provide you with personalized, step-by-step guidancae for taking the right action at the right time to grow your business.

See What Benecia's Clients Have To Say

“It is amazing how much growth I’ve experienced in just a short amount of time. I am simply blown away with how much faster I am getting results and how much happier I am.” 

~ Valerie Remy-Molora, Health & Wellness Coach 

“You are amazing! You take clues/hints/ideas and run with them, developing them beyond what you have to work with. And you are right on. You are an incredible gift to us. We are grateful for your time and expertise. I am so appreciative of the energy you gave to our organization. You have helped us build great momentum and we are now making true progress to our goals." 

~Deborah Strack (I Have A Dream Foundation)

‘I was contemplating getting coaching services but I could have never imagined the experience would be this wonderful. I began to make changes in my life after just the first session. After each session, I would be excited to accomplish my tasks for the week and looked forward to my next session. Benecia made me feel empowered from my accomplishments. There were several things I’ve wanted to do for the past 10 years and was able to accomplish a lot of them during our first month of coaching. This experience has made me feel relieved from a lot of unrealistic pressures I put on myself. It has been a complete joy to work with Benecia and I look forward to our continued coaching relationship."

~Dawn Major, Real Estate Developer

"Benecia Ponder provides you with the exact steps to take for success. I highly recommend Benecia for anyone who is ready to live your life purpose and accom-plish your dreams." 

~Pamela Vandervoort,